Important Gear to get into Splitboarding

Important Gear to get into Splitboarding

This is a basic guide of the things you will need to start splitboarding. Without having a single piece of gear mentioned on this page I highly recommend not entering the backcountry.

There are a lot of options out there so you should first consider what type of conditions you plan on riding. For example I tour in everything from 3 feet of fresh snow to 45 degree icy steeps, so I in turn would want a versatile board. There is everything from powder specific boards to big mountain boards, so make sure to check out the size, weight and construction before making this choice.

Price Range: 599.00 – 1299.00

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Back in the day splitboarders only option was Voile slider plates, these plates were placed under your normal bindings at a sacrifice of a half inch riser under your feet. No longer are you stuck with the Voile slider plates. Your options are Dynafits, Spark R& D, Karakoram and Voiles light rail system. All of which are splitboard specific bindings and integrate a slider piece into the base of the binding . I advise using one of these systems compared to the slider plate if you are looking for a solid board feel while riding down.

Price Range: 199.00 – 599.00

Here are a few gear reviews of Systems I have personally checked out.


Imagine having a car without wheels, that’s what it is like to have a splitboard without skins. This important piece of the backcountry puzzle is available from multiple different companies and vary in different shapes and sizes. While Voile makes personalized skins for splitboards that doesn’t mean you can’t use skin from other companies like Black Diamond or G3.

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Price Range: 149.00-169.00

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As a snowboarder I prefer not to ride down a slope with ski poles in hand. For that reason I go with collapsible poles which come in both Dual lock and tri-lock systems. There are numerous companies who offer them but I prefer the Black Diamond expeditions. They are light weight, easy to use, and the flicker locks work in the worst of conditions, not to mention you can alter the poles to include whippets, which are mini ice axes.

Price Range: 89.00-149.00


Out of all the equipment you have in your arsenal, none are more important then the Beacon. This is quite literally your lifeline in the backcountry and as I like to think, the one piece of gear that is going to save your touring partners life. Until a few years ago beacons used analog mode but as of recently they have switched over to digital. When purchasing a beacon remember this, The more antennas used the more precise it will be when finding burial victims.

Price Range: 299.00- 499.00

Still working on a review of Beacons.


You want to look for the perfect balance in a probe. Something that is light weight and compact yet built strong enough to break through firm surfaces. After a avalanche rips down a slope it quickly settles, becoming firm blocks of snow. With that in mind always go for a strong durable material. The longer the probe is the better, why you ask? a 90 cm probe is useless when you are buried 95 cm under the snowpack.

Price Range:49.00-99.00

Still working on a review of Probes.


There is a lot that goes into a shovel. Its construction, material, handle layout and weight. A shovel can be a lifesaver in more then one way. Yes it can dig a friend out of a avalanche but it could also provide shelter in dire conditions and emergency situations. There are quite a few companies on the market that carry shovels so make sure to check out your options before biting the bullet and purchasing one.

Price Range: 49.00-99.00

Still working on a review of Shovels.


Unless you want to carry all this vital gear in your hands you better get a backpack. When choosing a touring backack look for a good layout in design with multiple pockets and easy access to your shovel and probe that has durable fabric. Also look to see if the pack has separate pocket for wet gear, ice axe loops and ski straps.

Price Range: 99.00-699.00

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