A Comprehensive Tour of the Stevens Pass Corridor

It’s not unusual to have the occasional spring storm here in the Cascades, but the past few weeks have been ridiculous. With cloudy skies and a few inches of fresh snow Scott (Ale Capone) and I opted to head into an area he was familiar with. The determining factor of the terrain we chose was that it had to be treed slopes for potential whiteout conditions. Our options for the immediate Stevens Pass area were Heather Ridge, Lichtenburg, Union and Jove Mountains. We opted to do all of them. The day was much longer than we had anticipated, totaling 14 hours, but the riding was unreal for spring conditions. We rode steep trees, alpine chutes, mellow bowls and all in-between. We skinned and traversed in a northeast direction all day until ending our day on the Smith Brooks road heading south to Stevens Pass. stevens

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