And then winter returned.......Temple Basin

New Zealand is full of surprises and after most of the club fields were shut down the Craigieburn and Divide received 3 feet of snow. Castle Hill and the Craigieburns It's looking like winter on the Main Divide Most cars were using chains as we drove up to Arthurs Pass with a little bit of skilled driving we were up at the Temple Basin Parking lot. It was a early October sleeper pow day, Chris Rayner and I were going to have a good day. Heading up to the ski hill If you haven't been to Temple it is a mandatory 45 minute hike just to get to the rope tow but once you are there it is a special place. Looking into Arthur's Pass National Park What was bare rock a week early was now barely enough snow to crank up the rope tows and enjoy a Kiwi classic day. Classic Kiwi rope tow In total there were 16 riders on the mountain. There's no one on the field Not hard to find the untracked Getting rad! Before long we decided to head over to the Mingha bowl which was loaded with what felt like a meter of solid riding conditions. These were my last and best turns at a ski field in the 2014 seasons. WHITE ROOM!!! Such an amazing place Some would say that it was the worst season in the history of NZ but I made the best out of conditions and had an amazing time. Heading back up the boot pack It was time to head off to Mt. Cook National Park.

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