Documentary about my Travels over the Past Season

This last season was life changing in many ways, from the loss of my father to the sponsorship from Eddie Bauer. This years project (The Ten Highest Peaks in Washington) was also by far the most challenging expeditions that I had taken in the Cascades. Since the new year I have been working with Crest Pictures to film a documentary about these highs and lows with helmet cams, Portable video cameras and not so portable video cameras. There are so many people who have been involved in this project that I don't even know where to begin thanking people.

FreeRider - Trailer from Crest Pictures on Vimeo.

"The temperature was below zero, the winds were light and the snow was shin deep with nothing firm lurking underneath. I had dreamed of this day for years. We were alone without any wind and below us was going to be some of the best turns of our life. The snow stayed consistently soft for the entirety of the run, riding 4600 feet to the White River crossing before stopping. In total we hiked over ten miles, 5400 feet and 13 hours for a single run." ~ Kyle Miller Crest Pictures is pleased to announce the release of the trailer for their latest production, FreeRider, a short film about splitboard mountaineer Kyle Miller. FreeRider is a documentary chronicling Miller's passion for his sport, his great love of the wilderness and mountain scenery, his ski bum lifestyle, his triumphs and disappointments, his pain and his joys, and his unyielding dedication towards fulfilling his riding dreams. A Crest Pictures Film ( Produced and directed by Robert and Kathy Chrestensen Filmed and edited by Robert Chrestensen Music by permission from these Pacific NW groups: "Moonlight" by Elk and Boar (Tacoma, WA) "Excuse This Honesty" by Again and Again (Seattle, WA) Backcountry footage by Jason Hummel (Tacoma, WA), Jacob Hase (Seattle, WA) and Kyle Miller (Kent, WA) Credits Crest Pictures Producer/Editor Jacob Hase Filming Kyle Miller Rider and Filming

Stoked to be a Part of Sweetgrass New Project Solitare

Things have been hectic over the past few months with nonstop climbing here in the Cascades followed by heading down to South America. I was very fortunate to be involved in the filming of a Backcountry ski/snowboard film called Solitare where I got to film in both Bolivia and Argentina and also made it to Peru and Bolivia along the way. All of it was a eye opening experience about different cultures and there persuit of happiness but thats another topic for another day. The film will be premiering this upcoming Thursday in Denver and will make its rounds to my homeland of Washington in late October. Here is the trailer. I make a appearance @ 2:54

SOLITAIRE: A Backcountry Skiing, Snowboarding, and Telemark Film from Sweetgrass Productions on Vimeo.

Kyle Miller Featured in Backcountry Magazine

We are proud to announce that Kyle was featured in the September issue of Backcountry Magazine's gear guide. What could make this any better, you ask? The fact that he stole the show with two double page spreads, one of which is the cover shot for the titled piece, "The Year of the Splitboard". Both of the photos were taken by Pro photographer and touring partner Jason Hummel. These were the first printed photos of Kyle, but they certainly won't be the last! Cha-cha-check it out!! Backcountry Magazine photo In these photos, Kyle is riding the new Burton Freebird, on Spark R&D bindings near Eldorado and Dome Peak in the North Cascades, WA.

National Geographic Puts Kyle on the Map

On Thursday, National Geographic's Geotourism Division celebrated their creation of the PNW Cascades Map/Guide which features Kyle's thoughts, by quotation, about his travels throughout the Cascades. To read more about GeoTourism (which encompasses the popular EcoTourism movement), see National Geographic's Central Cascades Geotourism Site, here. Kyle enjoyed the unveling of the map with other like-minded visionaries at the Seattle Public Library, and was surprised to see a larger-than-life-size poster of himself hanging at the event! Many thanks to the Washington State Department of Tourism for their involvement, as well.

First Boarder with Profile on

Splitboard Represent! That's right, the Turns all Year site now features two splitboarders on their featured athletes pages, as of Sept 28, when Kyle's "Year Round Backcountry Skier" Profile went up (check it out here.)  The other is Matt Stouder, based in Oregon, and claiming a 46-month streak of pure snowboarding. Kyle's also currently featured in a cover shot on the main page. Cover shot is by Jason Hummel. Turns all Year is an excellent networking organization based in the Northwest with worldwide readership and following. The site and its forums bring backcountry enthusiasts from all over together on the basis of their mutual love for making ski or snowboard turns at least once monthly all year round. Kyle's streak as of August was 83 months.

Washington State Department of Tourism Wants a Piece of Kyle, Too.

Washington State Department of Tourism is using pic(s?) of Kyle, taken by Scott Stugglemeyer, in publicity materials beginning this fall. Go here to check out their recent pick of Scott's pics.

Feeling the Love from Rome Snowboards

Rome Blogged about us today, albeit briefly.

All over

Jason Hummel's photo from he and Kyle's Olympics Trip is the fourth recent photo from a trip of Kyle's to grace the cover of Three previous photos of Kyle that made the cover in the last month or so include a pic from the Cool Galcier Headwall, another sweet photo by Jason of Kyle shredding in Olympic National Park, and finally, Amar's photo of Kyle "claiming it" at Crater Lake. Thanks,!

Bloggin' with Frequency

Frequency, the Snowboarders' Journal, is a cool quarterly publication based out of the Pacific Northwest. Even cooler is that Kyle will be blogging about his recent trips and volcanic adventures there. He'll be posting in the "What Up" Section of the online magazine, along with Chris Gallardo, another rad splitboarder, among others. Check it out on Kyle's page of the blogroll here. For the original trip reports that are featured in his Frequency blog entries, check out these links:

Part 1:  Silver Star Part 2: Tatoosh Part 3: Rainier Part 4: Smoka Part 5: Black Peak Part 6: Kaleetan Part 7: Dragontail Part 8: Bluebird and Backcountry: 09/10 Prelude Part 9: Mt. Shasta Part 10: 10 Days, 9 Volcanoes, and 50,000 Vertical Feet Part 11: Two Weeks Deep into PNW Winter Part 12: 7 Days in the Heart of the Olympics

End of Season Press Release

Whew...the touring season's finally over, and Kyle's sending out a summary of his 2008/2009 Seasonal adventures, which include the 25 volcanoes, to industry insiders and good friends. If you want a copy, feel free to get in touch with us. An excerpt:

I've now completed my season’s goal—making splitboard descents on 25 of the volcanoes in the Cascade Range. I believe I'm now the first documented snowboarder to do so in a single season, and this accomplishment makes me very proud.  Last week, my season reached its official completion, with a 20-mile day hike out to Goat Rocks Wilderness. Once there, I managed to summit and then snowboard down the remote and scenic Old Snowy, while many Seattleites suffered through record-breaking heat waves down at sea level.

I’ve had a wild season, completing a number of likely first descents in the Cascades and Olympics. After climbing over 200,000 vertical feet, and traveling across more than 40 glaciers, it feels great to have completed my seasonal goal.

Ski mountaineering is growing increasingly popular, with Washington State arguably at the forefront of this trend. With its dense mountains, high-elevation Volcanoes, and often  harsh environmental offerings, the possibilities of year-round skiing are both unparalleled and unlimited in this beautiful corner of the world.

Splitboarding, too, has been growing in popularity over the years, and we can only reasonably expect this trend to continue. The activities of some pro athletes who have moved over to splitboarding and tackling mountains purely through exertion of their own power, provide excellent examples of the growing salience of splitboarding to the world of extreme mountain sports. A growing community of outdoor enthusiasts focuses on making at least a single trip each month in order to experience “turns, all year.” This eccentric group of athletes likes to measure its seniority in part by counting the number of months that they’re on the snow. Personally, I’ve now got 83 consecutive months of snowboarding under my belt, and I don’t plan on stopping there!

-Kyle, from Kent, Washington, Aug 2009