25 Volcanos Project

During the 2007-2008 season, Kyle Miller became the first documented splitboarder to summit and descend the 5 highest volcanoes in Washington. In 2008-2009, he set out to climb, and snowboard down, the fifteen most well-known stratovolcanoes in the Cascade Range.

Instead, he snowboarded on twenty five volcanoes in the U.S. Cascades. He is the first documented splitboarder to make snowboard descents on these twenty five volcanoes, which are listed below.

  1. Mt. Baker via the Squak Glacier
  2. Glacier Peak via the Cool Glacier Headwall
  3. Mt Rainier x2, via the Gibraltar Chute and via Fuhrer Thumb
  4. Old Snowy/ Goat Rocks via the Northwest face
  5. Mt. Saint Helens via the Worm Flows
  6. Mt. Adams via The Mazama Glacier
  7. Mt. Hood via the Wyeast face
  8. Mt. Jefferson via the Whitewater and Jefferson Park Glaciers
  9. Three Fingered Jack via the Northeast Bowl
  10. Mt Washington Northern Ridge and circumnavigation
  11. The North Sister via The Early Morning Colouir
  12. Middle Sister via the Southwest Ridge
  13. South Sister via the Prouty Glacier Headwall
  14. Broken Top via the Eastern Rim
  15. Mt. Bachelor via the Eastern Face
  16. Diamond Peak via the Northern face
  17. Mt. Bailey via the Western face
  18. Mt. Thielsen via the Western Face
  19. Mt. Mazama (Crater Lake) via Mt. Hillman
  20. Mt. Scott via the Southeastern, Eastern, and Western Faces
  21. Mt. Yamsay via the Northen Face
  22. Mt. McLoughlin via the Northeast Face
  23. Mt. Shasta via the Konwakiton Glacier
  24. Shastina via the Cascade Gulch
  25. Mt. Lassen via the Northeastern and Western Faces

Methodology: Why these Volcanoes? Kyle chose these twenty five volcanoes because standard guide books and climbing books that address the Cascades' volcanoes often mention the volcanoes listed above. These represent many of the best-known volcanoes in the U.S. Cascades, as well as many prominent volcanoes, several stratovolcanoes, and several of the tallest volcanoes in this mountain range. For the most up-to-date list of the highest Cascade volcanoes and difficulties associated with the methodology for compiling such a list, please see Amar Andlakar's list of "The 50 Highest Cascade Volcanoes."