Getting back into Ski Mountaineering

When Ryan and Pow arrived up at Arthurs Pass the decision was made to go check out an area called the Devils Punchbowl which we would have to follow a climbers trail up if we wanted to skirt around the 300 foot waterfall. This may be a problem After clawing our way up steep vegetation for around 2000 feet we finally made it into alpine. Rollester and Arthurs Pass in the background Arthurs Pass is a Rad place Climbing into the alpine Just a small piece of the Arthurs Pass backcountry We set our eyes on a couloir on the midright hand side of this photo. Unreal terrain when it fills in We were hoping for good riding conditions and found firm wind buffet pow, a New Zealand specialty. Pow getting used to wearing crampons When we made it to the top of the couloir we got this view. Yes please? The ride down was edgeable and fun with barely enough coverage to make it to the valley floor if we dodged a few rocks. Ryan crushing it Awesome terrain feature Once we made it to the valley floor we decided to head north towards the ridge line towards the summit of Cassidy which we could ride back to Temple. Looking down towards Temple as we climb Cassidy In the end we got sunset corn down to the resort and hiked down to the road in the dark. Corn alpenglow during the winter That night we met up with Yossi and decided we would go out and check the backcountry around Mount Cheeseman. A thick maritime layer Wondering if the cloud level was going to raise The line that caught are eyes was the central face of Mt. Wall The south face of Mt. Wall So we descended into the clouds Descending the NE face of Mount Cockayne Then climbed right up the south face Yossi climbing up Mount Wall From the summit we could see Broken River ski field Broken Rivers is 1 of 4 resorts in the Craigieburn Looking back at Mt. Cockayne and the gully we rode on the left side It turned out to be excellent snow. Yossi crushing it We rode down to the valley floor before hiking down the valley and traversing back to the access road and our car. It was an excellent mission. Hiking towards the access road Looking back towards Mount Wall and the line we rode on the right side The next weekend we met up again for a mission near Mount Cook Climbing Mt. Dark and this time Ellie and Christine would be joining. It was a epic bushwhack up Bush Stream for 5kms. after 4kms of climbing through the river it finally got easier. Then we bivyed at the base of Mt. Dark. Cold but awesome camp site The next morning we started around 5:00a.m. and dawned crampons the moment we hit the snow. It was firm and perfect for climbing and we were hoping by noon it would soften enough to be awesome skiing. And the show begins 2,000 feet of gnar Time to move faster It wasn't too long before we were getting into the gnar Don't slip Pow!! And all of a sudden we were looking at Mount Cook, the McKenzie Basin and a huge section of the Southern Alps. Well hello Mount Cook McKenzie Basin and Lake Tekapo Looking into the Ben Ohau Range The Main Divide Pow making his way to the top I was stoked on how the trip was going. Stoked out of my mind Then we rode the North face of Mount Dark. Yossi dropping in It was an awesome line Looking back at the face Yossi and I on the left and Ryan and Pow on the right Then we crawled back out the valley to our cars waiting below. The cars are all the way down in the flats Conditions were pretty dire all around New Zealand without any precipitation for two weeks but Estee and I decided to head back to Porters and check out the situation. It was bad But it was nice to in the alpine Looking towards Coleridge Lake But Crystal Valleys SE slpoes still had good coverage. Pretty good for two weeks without snow Thanks to the wind it rode good It was awesome checking out the mountains but the conditions were getting pretty dire. Sunset on Enys It was time to head to Australia and meet up with Adam West and hang at the OZ Splitfest. Our line on Mt Wall in the shade and the gully we rode in the center of the photo

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