Heading into the Routeburns

After leaving Adams place Pow and I paid for a rather expensive taxi and after taking the metro bus from Frankton to Queenstown we loaded all of our mountaineering gear into the shuttle and we were off to the Routeburn Track....... after drinking Starbucks and riding the Moa. Moa + Starbucks = Stoked The Routeburn track is one of New Zealands great walks and while it is crowded with people in the summer we had the place to ourselves. Heading into the Routeburn Track The first night we hiked the 6kms to the 48 bunk Routeburn Falls hut and enjoyed the view for the rest of the day. Looking into the Humbolt Mountains The next morning we got up with the sun and started heading into the alpine and checking out our options. Pow heading into the sun About 30cms had fallen in the highlands and made the Tussock bashing a bit interesting. Looking towards the Humbolts We had hoped that Harris Lake was frozen or possibly there was an easy route across the shoreline. Um this could be a problem This place is a tad bit complex Xenius looking pretty rad We decided to follow the main trail over to Harris saddle then climb to the summit of Conical Hill. It would give the snow a day to stabilize and we could check out Xenius from a good vantage point. Routeburn Shelter with the mountains of Fiordland in the distance Time to leave the trail and start putting in a boot pack Harris Lake and a possible route around the lake Looking off towards Fiordland Making our way towards the summit Looking into Aspiring National Park In the end we decided to focus our attention on Xenius the next day and found that we could cross the outsource. Xenius The next morning we got up to and crossed the outsource early in the morning. Crossing Harris Lake This is going to be complex We were able to skirt across the shoreline and made our way up the open slopes to where the terrain got complex, of course I didn't take any photos while climbing but I did when I made it to the summit. The Humbolt Mountains Looking into the Valley of the Trolls Harris Lake and Fiordland Beanburn and Somnus Pow making it to the summit of Xenius and what took us 4 hours to climb took us 10 minutes to ride. Getting our turns off the summit Then over the next few hours we lapped the lower slopes taking in the views and corn. It's spring again Soon enough we were off Xenius and past the shoreline which was by far the crux of the trip. Pow is stoked The next day we hiked the 6kms to the road head then hiked 10kms on the road before hitching a ride to Glenarchy where we hitched another ride to Queenstown/Frankton in our snowboard pants and full ski gear as people heckled us.

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