Muller Hut: A Mission back into Mount Cook National Park

When I got back to New Zealand from Australia we were still amidst a high pressure system and by now we were looking to find North facing slopes and good corn. Sadly Estee and my relationship didn't work out so I moved out on Fairlie and started living on the road without a car. That afternoon I waited at the bus station with just enough gear to fit into a 45 liter pack on was off to Mt. Cook Village for 5 days at the Muller hut with Pow Wigley. Looking at Mt. Cook from Lake Pukaki From the bus stop we registered with DOC and hiked 2kms to the Sealy Tarn trailhead and started the 3 hour climb up onto the ridge line of the Sealy Range. The Muller and Hooker lakes feeding into the Tasman valley Pow heading up the steep trail Pow making his way to the high ridge with Mt. Cook Basking in alpenglow We made it up to the Hut area just as dusk fell. We hastly dug out bivy sites next to the hut and camped under a starry sky. The next morning we made sure to get up early for the light show, and it didn't dissapoint. I think we are about to see something amazing Sunrise over Sefton and the Footstool The Footstool and Mount Cook The 28 bunked Muller hut Our focus was on the North facing slopes of the Sealy Range that was carved out by the Muller Glacier. If we wanted to get to the goods we had to traverse above in firm somewhat sketchy conditions where falling wasn't an option. The Muller Glacier and Sealy Range Traversing the Sealy Range with Sefton in the background Tad bit scenic That afternoon we summit the peak just north of Sealy and made a traverse back to the hut tagging the peaks as we went along. Getting our alpine on Looking at the Divide and the Tasman Valley The Liebig Range Mount Cook, Ellie De Beaumont and the Murchinson Valley Sefton and Mt. Cook Lake Pukaki and the McKenzie Country Pow getting ready to ride The split between the Hooker and Tasman valleys Finally getting some turns It was a tad bit scenic Such a contrast The next day I climbed to the top of the nearest peak to take in the sunrise. Waiting for the sun to the East The shows about to begin Mt. Sefton and the Muller Hut After tracking out the slopes the past few days Pow decided to go back to the city while I met up with Damian Banwell and a few like minded Kiwis and we focused our attention on the Sealy Coulior. The couloir on the middle right is the Sealy Couloir and yes we tracked out the lines in the foreground The Sealy Couloir After we summited and rode the line we made our way to the top of the Sealy Glacier and took in the views before getting in a long corn run. The Dobson Valley The Ohau Range and Lake Pukaki Wide open glacier turns Damian taking the traverse back to the hut Sunset Alpenglow on Mt. Cook The last day up there we decided to hang around and say take in the views before attempting to ride down to the Muller Glacier but the route wasn't obvious and a mistake wasn't an option so at the end of the day we were off on the road heading to Christchurch. People leaving with Cook in the background The Imposing Mt. Sefton The closest we got to the Muller Glacier Time to head to Christchurch The Muller hut and Sealy Range is an awesome area with loads of potential.

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