Spending time in Nelson National park at Angelus Hut

After Pow and I made it to Queenstown we took the bus back to Christchurch where I hitched a ride with Ryan Nicols to Lewis Pass then hitched to Motueka met up with Manu Greer and we made our way into Nelson Lakes National Park. Looking out towards Angelus on the right For the past three weeks this had been my living arrangement. Life in a 45 liter backpack and soon enough we were hiking the 8 hour trail out to the Angelus hut. Looking down at Lake Rotoiti Before long done with the switchbacks and up onto the high ridge. Manu making it to snowline The terrain surrounding us was a ski resort at one time where people had to hike almost 3 hours just to get to the rope tows. They abandoned the resort in the late 90's Looking down at the abandoned Mount Roberts ski field The surrounding terrain The rest of the afternoon we just kept trekking along the ridge finally making our way to the Angelus hut in the dark. Sunset to the West with the Tasman sea in the distance sunset over the mountains The last of the glorious alpenglow The next morning we woke up and I got my first look at the terrain, it looked like we were in a crater so we worked the aspects and followed the sun hoping to find good corn conditions. Setting out from the hut We would climb an aspect. Manu using his heel risers Take in the views Lake Angelus Looking at Mount Angelus Then we would ski back down to the lake. Nice consistent corn Manu getting after it Manu even finding pow Then we would chill inside the hut for a little bit Hanging out in the 28 bunk Angelus Hut Then get back out there putting in ski tracks Manu back at it One run every 45 minutes We did this routine until sunset getting in a total of seven runs of awesome corn. Basking in the last of the daylight Looking out among Nelson Lakes The next morning it was cool to wake up to our tracks from the day before Our view from the porch We decided that we would use the same sun chasing technique in the next cirque over leading up to Mount Angelus. Heading toward the Angelus Cirque This terrain was our goal for the day Looking towards Mount Angelus Mount Angelus laking snow Looking up the Sabine valley Terrain for days We found conditions once again to be great corn. It's spring in New Zealand fun chill corn lines We took our time and enjoyed a short break at a smaller lake Not a bad spot for a break checking out some waterfalls nice turns Finally we summited Mount Angelus Not a bad view Corn perfection Not a bad place to be That night we took in the view of our tracks and prepared for the brutal slog out. Weather was coming in and if we didn't want to be stuck we had to go. Nice lines The next day we started after a fine breakfast and cleaning up. Another group of people were kind enough to snap this shot of us before leaving. We tracked the place up Goodbye Angelus Hut hiking along the ridge When we were about 3/4 the way out the weather hit but we carefully followed the trail and made our way to a shelter where we relaxed for a few minutes. and the weather falls apart Shelter from the storm It's a tad bit wet Time to go back into the weather It was almost as if I didn't remember the hike up but on the way down I took in the views of the old growth beech forest and the lake. I guess I was in too much pain on the way up. Manu getting out of the alpine Amist the beech forest heading down the final switchbacks After we got back to the trailhead Manu was nice enough to drive us to Nelson where we enjoyed a few microbrews before split ways. That night I stayed in the only hostel of my trip and took the bus back to Christchurch the following day.

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