Ten Peak: A Circumnavigation of the Dakobed Range

While on a trip through Glacier Peak I looked south towards the Dakobed Range and Ten Peak caught my eye. Ten is one of the sickest mountains in the Cascades being so remote and massive but anyway you get in is going to be a slog. We crafted a plan to get out and check a rad zone all the while taking notes for further exploration. We would go up and over Boulder Pass then descent and skin up to the headwaters of the Napeequa valley. Looking at Ten Peak and the Dakobeds from the summit of Glacier Peak in March Team: Ben Starkey, Scott Rinckenberger and Kyle Miller Miles: 31 Vert: 13,500 gain Days: 3 3 days and 31 miles Damn the White River Road! I've been there 3 times before and each one was a epic slog so I knew what we were in for, Sadly Ben and Scott only had an idea. We would start off on the same route that Jason and I had taken previously in the Dakobed Traverse but instead of traversing alpine we would head down into the Napeequa valley. With only a few hours of sleep a swollen nose and coming off 4 days of climbing in North Fork Bridge Creek I enjoyed our 11 A.M. departure from Scotts truck. Stoked on a full day of thrashing through sub-alpine Not sure what sub-alpine is....check this link! and this trip was full of it. When skinning through these jungles you do what you can to keep the skis on and yes skins get destroyed from all the foliage. I think we got this! Seems like a perfectly good bridge? The White River valley still holds some massive old growth trees. Albeit being a slog at least we had eye candy. Skinning through the old growth We skinned for eight hours straight through the jungle finally getting into alpine just before sunset. We decided to camp up on Boulder Pass so we would be able to see the full moon in the alpine. So we ran up to the Pass with the sunset on our backs, put up the Katabatic tent and watched the show. It's 7p.m. can we eat lunch now? I swear 200 more feet! Full moon radness in the Dakobeds Day 2: Boulder Pass to Ten Peak NO more Slog, well kind of. Instead of jungles we would descend to the Napeequa and skin along the river. "Sounds nice, sounds peaceful I can do this" I thought as I woke up. If all went well today was the day to ride as weather was supposed to turn so we woke up at sunrise and got our gear together. The early morning boot dilema Give me a few minutes I need to devour this coffee We decided the best route down would be through the glacial carved north slopes of Clark so we traversed over and descended 2,500 to the valley floor. Scott traversing over to the north face of Clark Finally our first descent to the Napeequa valley Yeah.....Ben being RAD!!!! Our descent route off the north side of Clark We had a running joke of drinking only the purist of Waters in the Cascade Mountains as we sipped on the water. For the most part skinning went smooth and we decided to stay on a bench on the north side of the river for views of the Dakobeds. Before long we made it to the last waterhole and took advantage of it. I laughed and talked about drinking water until I puked. They laughed and though it was a joke until I actually puked, Ha!!!! Now how does this stuff work again? Only the purest of Napeequa waters shall do This is how the pros are doing it! Lets get this party started Once in the alpine we made our way past the Butterfly glacier and up to a low col on the NE shoulder of Ten Peak. From there we took a few hours to set up camp and get our gear dialed in the heat of the day before pushing up to one of Ten Peaks numerous summits. Radness!! Making my way to the col with the Butterfly Glacier in the distance It's time to head up Ten Peak The weather was changing and a sundog was surrounding the sun forecasting moisture so we grabbed our gear and took advantage of the last of good weather. By now Glacier Peak was fully on display and it was awesome looking at slopes I was riding only a few weeks prior. The skin up the NE ridge was a easy skin track but once we arrived to the summit we realized that the summit ridge is a total mess. Not wanting to down climb around some mangled cliffs we descended the Northeast face of Ten Peak. NE ridge of Ten Peak Looking back towards High pass and Buck Mountain This is how both Scott and I pay our bills Summiting one of the subsummits of Ten Peak Now lets get to the reason we were there!! Lets do this! Ben crushing it Glacier Peak and the Cool Glacier (rode that line to the river 2 years ago) Man this place looks like a ski resort Stoked on our run we skinned back to camp ate some food and took shelter in our baller tent. Ben said the storm was raging during the night but I was out within minutes. DAY 3:Ten Peak to White River via Thunder Basin Turns out the forecast was right and the weather had totally deteriorated. Stoked at the fact that we were going to get soaked and bushwhack we got our gear together and climbed the North face of Ten Peak to the Lightning Basin Col The stoke level is high! Time to move home Wind, snow and designer shades We rode down Thunderbasin in a whiteout but made our way down to the White River valley before having to switch over to skinning. The snow quickly turned to rain and we were Stoked on the next 10 miles of schwack! Descending Lightning Basin Thou shall not pass!! Welcome to slide alder hell Just another destroyed bridge We skinned our way back to Scotts car just as dusk set in and set up camp at the first available site before making our way back home the next morning. Screw this crap I am out of here Boys and fire a bad combination Thanks guys for another rad trip and thank you for reading and/or looking at the pretty pictures. I need calories because in two days I am going to do a 5 day solo traverse of Rainier.

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