The Patrol Race from Snoqualmie Pass to Meany Lodge

A few months earlier I had been invited by my friend Nigel Steere to be involved in a recreation of a race called The Mountaineers Patrol Race dating back to the 1930's. Not many people know it but the Pacific Northwest has a long history of mountaineering and being a long supporter of storytelling and keeping these legends alive I was honored to be involved in the race. I had become a Nordic Skiing Splitboarder. Nordic Splitboarding We were the last group in the staggered start and enjoyed easy navigation through the well trodden path. Nordic skiing It was hard skinning the 28 kms knowing that there was good powder to be ridden. Pow It was an awesome route but the terrain was pretty flat. Nebraska but it was fun skinning through the forests which had been swept with wind. Trees In the end we would score second place and have a total blast hanging out at Meany Lodge which remains unchanged almost a century later. Meany Lodge The final day we hung around the resort and made the best out of conditions. Pow Like the lodge the lift system was relatively unchanged with an engine running the rope tow. Ropetow Little did I know at the time that this trip would get me prepared for the New Zealand rope tows I would experience 6 months later. Meany Lodge The resort is small but the terrain, history and people really make the place a special place. I highly recommend checking out Meany Lodge.

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